Detail - Naoshima Kusama Yellow Pumpkin
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Introduction to Kusama – 2014

I think I first heard of Yayoi Kusama when Tomo mentioned she had some tie in with Louis Vuitton as we walked past a shop near Union Square in San Francisco. I remember red and polka dots, and I think I probably said, “Huh.” That was in 2012. I wish I had said and thought more than “huh” at that point.

In November, 2014, we visited Setonaikai in Japan and stayed at the Benesse House at the Benesse Art Site in Naoshima. There we got a full dose of Kusama immediately upon arrival by ferry as there is an installation adjacent to the port.

Kusama sculpture, Naoshima Port
Kusama Red Pumpkin Sculpture – Naoshima Port

There’s also a very famous yellow pumpkin on the waterfront that I was drawn to over and over to photograph. Little did I know the relationship that was about to form with Kusama’s art.

Naoshima Kusama Yellow Pumpkin
Naoshima Kusama Yellow Pumpkin

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