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With any blog, you need content. What is the planned content on this blog? What will make it interesting? Since it is my blog, it will be things that are interesting to me. For example, travel. Even if, right now, that travel is writing about places I’ve been the past few years instead of places I’ve recently been. Because, like almost everyone, I’m not really going anywhere at the moment because of COVID-19. It’s difficult. 

With travel comes photography. Instagram is fun, but a friend of mine chastised me once because I was, “posting too many pictures to Instagram at the same time.” I just thought I was posting cool pictures. My Instagram became so highly curated that I became a bit hesitant to post anything. When I traveled, I really limited what I posted (hopefully I can change the tense of that soon). Blogging can allow me to post more pictures, but as part of telling a story, as I’ve done in the past. I can also post of the sake of posting cool photographs. I’ll keep the Instagram, and it will remain highly curated. I can’t let down my 191 followers.

Often times, travel is associated with some event. Like Australia for the Australian Open in 2019, or the Rugby World cup in Japan in 2019. The Tokyo Olympics in 2020 2021. An event, whether it is a sporting event, a concert, or an exhibition, makes a good excuse for … travel and photography. It seems there is a thread.

If I’m willing to travel for an exhibition, then I must be interested in art. That would be the case. My primary interests are Modernist photography (I’ll use this Artsy definition modern photography as a broad description) and Japanese Contemporary (Kusama, Nara, Murakami). That’s a bit eclectic. Really, I like a lot of 20th Century art in general and more than just Japanese Contemporary.

I can’t write and post without having some general posts as well, so I suspect there will be more than enough general musings as well.

As a cat owner of two black and white cats, they will make the occasional appearance as well. Probably.

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