Come hell or high water (or pandemic)

According to IOC Vice President John Coates, it’s on!

It will take place with or without Covid. The Games will start on 23 July next year

Ah, OK. At least according to this post from a website I’ve never heard of before in India. 

The Japan Times reports almost exactly the same thing. And by “almost exactly” it’s pretty much word for word with a little stylistic treatment.

The story was picked up by both sites from Agence France-Presse.

I’m glad John Coates is so optimistic. At the moment, Japan won’t even allow me to enter the country, so a lot of things will need to change between now and next July for me to see the games. What about all the American athletes? Will they be allowed in? Time will tell.

Seiko Hashimoto, Japan’s Olympic Minister, seems to agree with Mr. Coates.

I think we have to hold the games at any cost. I want to concentrate all our efforts on measures against the coronavirus.

Pretty bold words.

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