We have our 2021 hotel

It is less than a year away from Tokyo 2020 in the summer of 2021. We are really hoping that it happens. As I mentioned over and over when I thought I was going this year, finding accommodations was proving to be quite difficult. Luckily the accommodations we arranged had a full refund policy. I’m glad we didn’t opt for the Park Hyatt at $2000/night prepaid. I can’t remember the refund policy on that bargain.

We paid attention though, and saw that a hotel from a major chain has rooms available in Yokohama. OK, Yokohama is not Tokyo, but as much traveling as we will be doing from venue to venue, it’s good enough. Even better? We were able to book for the entire period on points! The hotel probably isn’t thrilled about that, but we are. So that worry is over, and if the Olympics are cancelled again, we just get our points back.

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